Exports and exhibitions

The Exports and Exhibitions Department of the Investment Ministry plays a vital and active role in developing Jordanian exports and promoting them in markets abroad in order to promote national products. This activity is undertaken pursuant to the powers assigned to the Ministry in the context of the Jordanian exports development track both “quantitatively and qualitatively”.


Main Role of the Exports and Exhibitions Department

The efforts of the Exports and Exhibitions Department focus on stimulating the promotional activity as it is the main link in the process of introducing national exports into foreign markets. This role is of immense importance because it makes Jordanian national products familiar in targeted international markets. This activity is the main focus of Jordanian manufacturers and exporters in marketing their products globally.


The promotional activity includes many functions carried out by the Directorate locally and internationally. They include participating in specialized international exhibitions, holding comprehensive Jordanian weeks, organizing commercial missions to target markets, in addition to commercial representation in these markets. The Department also provides support for these activities through the provision of promotional materials and introducing national products, including the export guide.



1.Contribute to promoting and marketing national products, developing exports, and enhancing their competitiveness in target markets.

2.Organizing local exhibitions which are held by specialized companies in the field, and granting special approvals for exhibitions inside and outside the kingdom.

3. Identify countries that can potentially host trade centers and representative offices in order to maximize the benefit for Jordanian companies in promoting their products in those markets.

4.Develop the skills and export capabilities of Jordanian companies.

5.Provide a working environment and a database to support Jordanian exporters.

6.Contribute to facilitating export processes and overcoming the obstacles that exporters may face.

7.Adopt programs that guarantee export credit.

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