Hartoqa: The Woman is an Essential Partner and Supporter of Jordanian National Economy and Investments

The Jordan Investment Commission’s Acting Chairman, Mr. Fareedon Hartoqa praised the role of the Jordanian woman as a partner and supporter of Investment and economic fields during his meeting today with representatives from AIC’s Business Council for Industrial Women.
Mr. Hartoqa confirms the JIC’s support for the council and Jordanian Businesswomen in all Investment fields as he indicates the many success stories of Jordanian Businesswomen in various Investment opportunities.
The council’s representatives have discussed with Hartoqa a number of collaboration opportunities between JIC and the Industrial Women’s Council which was launched by Amman Chamber for Industry in 2020 to support the collaboration between the industrial women in Jordan as well as enhance women's contribution to the national economy.
The council also supports women’s development of their businesses with new ways for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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