Jordan and ICT Environment

Today Jordan is capable of providing a highly attractive ICT environment required by international companies, thereby becoming a new regional hub that serves the wider MENA region and serves as a regional center for tech start-ups, thanks to an ICT-focused educational system, the presence of venture capital, a business-friendly environment, and low start-up costs.

Contributing to about 12% of GDP, Jordan’s ICT has developed into one of the leading sectors in the region, with more than 600 active companies, directly employing about 16,000 employees, and an overall contribution to about 84,000 jobs in the wider economy.

ICT Sector Indicators (2016)

Direct Contribution to GDPAnnual Revenue growthIT exports (Million USD)
12.0 % 7.23 % 207.4


ICT Revenue Statistics

 Total Revenue
ICT Training Revenue
Domestic (USD) 450,715,1783,005,750
Export (USD) 207,418,14165,798
Total (USD) 658,133,3263,171,548

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