Benefits granted to a non-Jordanian other than exemptions and incentives

The non-Jordanian investor has the right to:

1. Take out all or part of the foreign capital in a convertible currency according to the legislations in force.

2. Transfer his generated revenues and profits of his investment outside the Kingdom.

3. Liquidate his investment, sell his economic activity, his interest therein, or his shares or dispose thereof provided he/she fulfills his obligations to third parties or to the official authorities under the legislations in force.

4. Manage his economic activity in the manner he deems appropriate and by the persons he/she chooses and the concerned authorities shall provide the necessary facilities for this purpose.

5. For the purposes of implementation of the provisions of this Law, the non-Jordanian investor shall receive the same treatment of the Jordanian Investor.

6. Non-Jordanian workers in any economic activity may transfer their salaries and compensations outside the Kingdom according to the legislations in force.

The non-Jordanian investor may own up to 50% of the capital of any project in the following economic activities:


A. Commercial activities:

1. Retail and wholesale trade, including distribution, import and export (except what is needed for practicing the economic activity   and exporting goods / commodities).

2. Leasing activities except finance leasing.

B. The following services:

1. Engineering services and consultancy.

2. Construction contracting and related services.

3. Technical testing services related to soil examination and chemical tests for building and construction purposes.

4. Photography except for cinematographic and television filming.

5. Employment and provision of labor.

6. Brokerage, except brokering and financial intermediary services provided by banks, companies and financial services.

7. Advertising services including advertising agencies and offices.

8. Services of agents, commercial intermediaries and insurance brokers.

9. Money exchange except those provided by banks and financial companies.

10. Catering services, cafeterias and cafes except in hotels and motels.

11. Travel agencies, quality management and tours.

C. The following transport services (and related clearance services):

1. Maritime shipping services and its related services, which include:

- Transport of passengers and cargo excluding transport on vessels owned by non-Jordanians.
- Maritime inspection.
- Maritime freight brokers services.
- Maritime agency services.
- Supply of ships.
- Intermediation in the rental, leasing, purchase and sale of ships.
- Ship Management.
- Maritime maintenance.
- Health services for ships.

2. Air transport related services, which include:

- Handling.
- Inspection.
- Packing and unloading.
- Cargo Transport Agencies.
- Air Freight Brokers.
- Warehouses and warehousing services.

3. Road transport services, including the following services:

- Specialized tourist transport services.
- Road transport supporting services, including bus station services, parking lots, tunnel operating services, bridges, and highways.
- Services related to road transport including cargo handling, warehousing, cargo transportation agencies, inspection, packaging, unloading and freight intermediary services.

Economic activities in which non-Jordanian investors may own not more than 49% of the capital:

1. Regular and charter air transport services for passengers, goods and mail.

2. Passenger and freight road transportation services.

3. Maintenance of transmitters and radio and television broadcasting equipment.

4. Purchase of land for the construction of residential apartments on them and selling or leasing them.

5. Sports clubs, including the organization of sporting events

 Economic activities which the non-Jordanian investor may not own or contribute to its capital whatsoever:

1. Gang Saw Machines, quarries of construction sand, rock, building stone and aggregates used for construction purposes.

2. Investigation and security services.

3. Private protection and security services and training on their activities.

4. Clearance work, except those related to transport services referred to above.

5. Trading in, import and maintenance of firearms and ammunition.

6. Private shooting activities.

7. Trading in fireworks, and their import and services.

8. Bakeries of all kinds.

A non-Jordanian enterprise may own a project in full and not apply the percentage restrictions mentioned above under the following conditions:

1. Jordanians shall have shares not less than 50% of their capital.

2. The company shall be corporatized and registered outside the Kingdom.

3. The company shall not be a public shareholding company.

4. There shall be no restriction on ownership or participation in the related legislation.

 A non-Jordanian investor is allowed to own or contribute at a higher rate than that specified in the percentages listed above by virtue of a decision issued by the Council of Ministers on the recommendation of the Commission Chairman in large economic development projects of special importance.

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