Plethora of Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Jordan has a well-developed tourism infrastructure with a plethora of luxury hotels and resorts, advanced transport infrastructure, a wide range of activities and cultural events, spas and wellness centers, and numerous tour operators operating in the country. Jordan has an established leisure and tourism cluster of more than 2,200 establishments including hotels, restaurants, resorts, and entertainment facilities, generating about 19,298 jobs in the accommodation sub-sector and nearly 50,000 jobs in the entire sector. Jordan features a total of 573 classified and non-classified hotels, included high reputation international hotel chains.

Medical Tourism Destination

Jordan is considered one of the Middle East’s most preeminent medical tourism destinations with further growth likely to materialize in the upcoming years as a result of factors such as increased medical tourism from Yemen, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. Medical tourism alone attracts at least 250,000 patients to Jordan per year, generating 40% of the country’s overall tourism revenues

Fast Growing Sector

YearTourism Income (JOD million) Total number of arrivals (million)Number of hotelsNumber of hotel rooms (thousands)Room occupancy rate (%) Number of employees
2015 2,886.2 4.8 55827.738.449,000
2016 2,870.9 4.8 573 28.142.250,000
20172,476.8 5.2 595 28.651.3 50,060



Source: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, 2017


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