Transportation is the golden key for our economy 

Jordan’s transportation and logistics sector plays a key role in Jordan’s economy and contributes to over 8.2% of GDP. It is growing at an annual rate of 6% and employs nearly 7.6% of the Jordanian labor force, resulting in around 126,000 jobs. A total of 325 licensed transportation and logistics companies are currently operating in Jordan.

Transport and logistics sector indicators

Total transport system exports (gross weight tons)Maritime transport system exports (gross weight tons)Air transport system exports (gross weight tons)Direct contribution to GDP (%)Registered firmsDirect employment

Jordan procedures to develop transportation sector

Jordan’s highway network covers more than 2,700 km, connecting all corners of the Kingdom, together with nearly 1,900 km of secondary roads. Moreover, its logistics and trade procedures are considered very efficient, particularly when compared to regional competitors. The Government of Jordan (GoJ) has recently streamlined customs clearance processes, advanced the use of a (electronic) single window, and improved infrastructure at the Port of Aqaba, thereby considerably reducing border compliance and optimizing importing and exporting procedures.

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