About the Ministry of Investment

The government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has taken steps to encourage foreign investment and to develop an outward-oriented, market-based, and globally competitive economy through developing the investment environment in the kingdom. The Ministry of Investment was established to be concerned with all investment affairs, and to deal with issues of local, Arab and foreign investors, in addition to setting policies that encourage investment and enhance the competitiveness of the main economic sectors in Jordan, unifying investment references and facilitating its procedures through providing an incubating environment for investment. The ministry has now replaced the investment commission and has joined the Public-Private Partnership Unit, and other scattered investment windows that are trying to find approaches to revitalize the investment environment in Jordan.

The ministry will work within clear and specific pillars that will help attract more investments and enable existing ones, in order to find a modern and developed investment law within the best international practices, in addition to strengthening the partnership between the public and private sectors, and working to re-design an investment map with feasible investment opportunities and new projects that include many promising investment sectors specified in a promotional strategy capable of targeting specific markets and companies

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