Jordan’s information and communications technology (ICT) provides key elements required by international companies to set a foot in Jordan as well as to serve bigger markets in the region.


Jordan’s agriculture sector, with its modern production technology, multiplicity and diversity of products with high technical specifications and quality standards, is one of the Kingdom’s most competitive sectors.

Energy & Renewable Energy

Jordan is emerging as an ideal location for investment in renewable energy and clean technology that offers a starting point for international companies with the intention of regional or global expansion.


The Jordanian healthcare sector is known for its high-quality services, both regionally and internationally, world-class qualified medical workforce and accredited hospitals and facilities.


The Jordanian industrial sector consists mainly of manufacturing, extractive industries, electricity and water. These sectors are linked backward and forward with sectors such as transportation, insurance and trade.


The tourism sector in Jordan is a fast-growing sector and involves many promising niches. It continues to be a vitally important pillar of Jordan’s economy, as it contributes 19.4% to Jordan’s GDP.

 Transportation & Logistics

Transportation infrastructure in Jordan is considered relatively well developed when compared to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region accounting for more than 8% of Jordan’s GDP.

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